A Martial Arts School for the whole family.

We are here to ensure you get excellent results.

Classes for all age groups and abilities.

With over 25yrs of experience we guarantee to deliver your goals.





  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem;
  • Increase your focus and coordination;
  • Develop your fitness and drop some pounds;
  • Meet new friends and have some fun;
  • Stop being a victim;
  • We have an excellent reputation for inspiring our students and developing young minds.

Contact us today and let us help you overcome your fears and achieve your goals.




Cougar Jujitsu was part of the World Jujitsu Federation (WJJF), an organisation that began in 1976 and span across 50 countries. Cougar Jujitsu joined the WJJF in 2003 and embraced the skills and teachings of Soke Robert Clarke the founder of WJJF.


In 2012 after the untimely death of Soke Robert Clarke Cougar Jujitsu decided to leave the WJJF and launch into a new chapter for the school, but still making sure we lose none of the ethics embedded to us by the WJJF.


Cougar  Jujitsu believes our techniques motivate, builds confidence and encourages mutual respect especially within our younger students.


The mother of all Japanese Martial Arts offers a tremendous range of activities to choose from and develop which embraces all forms of self-defence.


You will learn in a safe encouraging atmosphere many techniques, from throwing, striking, blocking, locks and holds, and of course falling safely.



I wish you luck as you begin your journey with Cougar Jujitsu. You will succeed in developing new skills and techniques as you embrace a  new deep confidence that you, your family and friends will notice.