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Half Year Grading June 15

Reminder to all have students our half year Grading starts this Saturday from 11.00am. ⏰

Are you ready to 




As part of our 25 years and Christmas celebration we are having a party for all our students/parents and any ex Sensei's.


This will be on Thursday 7 December at Shrewsbury House.


DJ, Award Ceremony, Christmas/Club Quiz, face painting and fun games all with prizes.


Cougar Cubs and Juniors 6-8pm

Teens, Adults and Sensei's 8-10pm.


Looking forward to celebrating our 25yrs with all our devoted students, parents and friends.


Please confirm attendance via message or in person at the school.


"We are family"


Rob and Paula


Our last Grading of the year will be on Saturday 25 November, are you ready.....


For the first time in 25 years Cougar Jujitsu is closed for the summer holidays and we will be back from Monday 11 September




Welcome back to Cougar Jujitsu after this unprecedented long break, we have missed you all.

During COVID-19 restrictions we have had to re-look at how we do our classes to ensure everyone is safe whilst training.

The lessons will be more directed at strikes and blocks and overall fitness, for which we have some exciting fun lessons planned, then hopefully in the New Year we can re-incorporate more of the street defence moves pure Jujitsu offers.

There are many restrictions issued by the Government which we shall be adhering to. So please before attending class make sure you are aware and understand the rules.

The main rules are as follows:

1.     All lessons must be pre-booked and paid for before attending a class, (all lessons will be in a 4-weekly block).

2.     Please come to class already in your Gi as we are unable to store bags.

3.     Unfortunately, there can be no spectators, parents dropping their children off need to do so at the front door (a Sensei will be there to greet you).

4.     When departing the school, you will need to exit via the rear door.

5.     Parents wishing to wait can wait in the Café in Shrewsbury House, please ensure you adhere to the 2-meter rule.

6.     Once in class please listen to the Sensei’s and adhere to the 2-meter rule whilst training.

7.     It is advised you purchase some training gloves as these cannot be shared.

8.     Family classes at the weekend can only be attended if you have a family member with you to train, street defence and Jujitsu will be taught in these lessons.

9.     Due to the reduced numbers, discount prices have been temporary withdrawn.

10. Please keep to the one-way system within the Annex.

11. Annual memberships will need to be renewed by all students on Monday 11 January 2021.

12. Toilets are available on a one in one out system.

13. When booking classes, a contact number for Track and Trace is required.

14. Bookings are given priority to those who already booked for the previous month.




Pre-Juniors £35.00, Juniors £40.00, Adults £45.00

These are for a block of 4 lessons and need to be pre-paid in advance.

Dates this year for payment are:



Pre-Juniors £25.00, Juniors £30.00, Adults £40.00.


Gi’s, Juniors £30.00, Adults £45.00

T-shirts, Juniors £15.00, Adults £20.00

Hoodies, Juniors £20.00, Adults £40.00


We looked forward to training with you all and continue where we left off in your journey to make a better you.




Classes are now up and running as from Sept 21st, lessons need to be pre-booked and due to class sizes being reduced places are limited...



Dear Students/Parents


2020 looks like being a great year for Cougar Jujitsu as our numbers have slowly increased month on month (now 92 students) with so many potentially becoming a Blk Belt this year.


At the start of the year we moved up a lot of students from all classes which has meant we have managed to space out the numbers in our classes to between 8-12 which has made focusing on the students needs and goals a lot easier.


This year our goal is to continue inspiring and motivating our students to be the best they can be and that has become evident in class as the standards and potential from all our students has increased. Please feed back to us any concerns or ideas you may have that we can continue to improve.


Another big goal of our is to turn our club into a full-time school by the end of the year, to enable us to give our students more diversity in our teachings and more options on when to train and how often to reach their goals. If we can achieve this we will also be looking at increasing our qualified instructors from 5 to 7.


To achieve this, we need to increase our student base to 150 which is a big ask, so if you enjoy our school and our lessons could you please shout out about us to all your friends and even recommendations on face book would be great. As a reward any one joining due to a recommendation from you, we will give you £25.00 for each one as a thank you.


As of April 1st, our pricing structure will be changing:


For the third year on the trot membership fees remain the same Pre-juniors £25.00, Juniors and teens £30.00 and adults £40.00 (includes insurance).

Cost of Gradings and uniforms again remain the same, but due to the steep increase of rental for the hall, mat fees will need to go up by 50 pence a lesson, so the mat fees from April will be Pre-juniors £32.00, Juniors and teens £39.00 and adults £47.00. (Please remember you also get 1 free lesson a month with your monthly mat fees).

Unlimited, to train up to 3 times per week will be, juniors and teens £47.00 and adults £55.00.


Family prices will be, the third member of an immediate family will pay only £15.00 a month.


Can all fees please be paid promptly on the first week of each month and please be aware of any 5 week months as the amounts will increase.


Lastly unless you are a new student in your first 2 months you must wear the correct uniform to class, we will be a lot stricter this year and without a good reason you may not be able to train, so please please either wear your white GI or Cougar Jujitsu vest/t-shirt.


Here is looking forward to a rewarding year for everyone and a big thank you to you all for all the effort you have made in 2018 (especially the parents)



Chief Sensei Rob Belfield





Our first Grading of 2019 will be on Saturday 9 March at the following times


12.00pm Pre-juniors
1.00pm Juniors
2.30pm Teens


4.00pm Adults



Grading times for Saturday 17 November

12.00pm Pre-juniors
1.00pm Juniors
2.30pm Teens

3.30pm Adults


The Family class that day will start 1 hour earlier at 10.00am.
Train hard, put in the hours and just perform to your best ability.





We have just received a new batch of Hoodies for the winter, get yours whilst stock lasts. Juniors £24.99 and Adults £29.99




Heads up everyone the last Grading session this year with be in November, a date will be announced shortly




Next Grading session is on Sat 3 March, 1.30pm for pre-juniors, 2.30pm for juniors, 3.30pm for teens and 4.30pm for adults. Train hard, be ready and have FUN




Ladies Only Classes....NOW HALF PRICE !!

To help with the costs suffered over Xmas we are slashing the price of our Ladies Only Class on Saturday (12.00-1.15pm) by 50% to just £5.00 a session during February and March...




Dear Students/Parents


 Welcome to 2018 our 20th year based at Shrewsbury House a milestone we are so proud of, considering we started with just 2 students in a small room and now have this fantastic Dojo with around 100 students and 6 instructors.


Last year 2017 was a great year for us with so many new faces joining and so much more involvement from parents. Discussions on FaceBook is at a record high which shows us just how much people care about the club making it such a popular school in the local community.


Standards last year went through the roof and Decembers Grading saw the highest amount of 100% distinctions ever achieved in our 20yr history, so well done all for your commitment and dedication in always striving to improve.


This year looks like an exciting year with a Black Belt Grading scheduled in February for 3 of our students and I sense another Black Belt Grading with be scheduled for Christmas for 4-5 more students which will be a record for awarding Black Belts in a year for us.


Pricing Review 2018


We have managed to freeze our prices for the last 2 years but with price increases from Shrewsbury House to hire the annex we have had to review our pricing structure for 2018 starting from February 1st.


The new prices are as follows:


All Grading prices stay the same, Membership for Pre-Juniors and Juniors will raise to £30 a year (our first increase in 15yrs) and adults will be £45. Cost of uniforms remain the same, £25-£40 for the GI’s and £15-20 for t-shirts.


Monthly lessons costs are as follows and payments as usual need to be made in the first week of the month: Pre-Juniors £30, Juniors £37 and Adults £45…unlimited which allows you to train up to 3 times a week is juniors £45 and adults £50.


If three members of the immediate family train in the same month then 1 member only pays £12.50 for the month.


Highlights this year


*We will be continuing our Ladies Only Classes on Saturday at 12.00pm – 1.15pm, this is a great class to learn simple effective self-defence techniques, to get fit with our 20 mins fitness section and most of all have fun. All techniques are performed on the instructors so you won’t get thrown!!


There are no tie-ins, membership fees or uniforms for this class just £10.00 on the day !!


*Hopefully in the first half of this year we will be open on Tuesdays to train as well so watch out for an announcement very soon.


*Introduce a friend or family member to come along for the 4 FREE trial lessons and if they join you can earn £20.00 a 2017 we gave out nearly £500.00 so an easy way to make money (note they have to say you mentioned them when they book their first trial lesson).


Well 2018 looks like an exciting year for Cougar Jujitsu and we hope we can deliver all your goals and expectations throughout the year…if you have any suggestions or ideas on ways to improve the club or our training then please always feel free to talk to me or Paula at any time.


Once again thank you all for your help, support and encouragement over the last 20yrs.


Chief Sensei Rob Belfield.







This year Cougar Jujitsu celebrates it's 20th Anniversary being at Shrewsbury House Community Centre. We first began here back in 1998 in a tiny little room with just myself and 2 adult students.

So much has changed since then as we have grown to 100 students and 6 Instructors and now have a fully equipped Dojo in the Annex.

Our classes develop and improve each year to fulfil our ethos of improving confidence and self-esteem into all our students and teach important life skills to our younger members.


Cougar Club's biggest milestone came 10years when I was able to convince Sensei Paula Jones an instructor at another school to join and help make Cougar Jujitsu what it is today.

Without Paula's vision, the Cougar Cubs would never have started and become such a big part of our school and our hearts.

Over the years we have had a number of instructors help drive our school and ethos delivering such high standards of teaching and training and I would like to thank you all for your vision. patience and understanding on what we strive to achieve here.

What is truly amazing about all the instructors we have had here is that they all started off as white belt students with me and shared my journey into making this such an important and popular school in the community.

Here is to another 20 years, I can't wait to meet all the new students and parents to come our way and I like to say a massive thank you to all the parents and students of the last 20years without you there would be no Cougar Jujitsu, I have had so much fun and fulfilment THANK YOU !!





Happy New Year to you all, our first lesson back is at 5.30pm with the Cougar Cubs on Thursday 04 January......Hope to see you all then





Our next Grading is Tuesday 4 November startng at 4.30pm for the pre-juniors




Starting on Saturday 4 November 12.00pm-1.15pm, we will be starting Ladies only classes..These classes are great for getting fit and shedding the pounds. You will be learning amazing simple techniques to defend yourself from any situation you may find yourself in. 


You will be taught how to kick and punch for maximum effectiveness, watch as your self confidence grows , have fun , make new friends as you become a new you.


Classes have 3-4 instructors in them with a maximum 10-12 students.


Classes are just £10.00 payable on the day


pic 1   pic2   pic3   pic4   pic5 


Book now as there are limited spaces.....Classes start at 12.00pm 




VIDEO 1    VIDEO 2   VIDEO 3  




Dear students starting on Sat 2nd for our 11.00am Family class we are back to normal days and times....hope too see you all back in class training hard for our October's Grading.




Dear Students/Parents, unfortunately the Grading on Tuesday 25th has been postponed and will be re-scheduled for May the exact date will be communicated next week.


On a positive note this gives you all a few extra weeks to really master your moves so keep up the hard work....




We had a great training night tonight with the young juniors and juniors making up scenario's involving gang attacks....great fun and great 2

video 3




Our next Grading will be on Tuesday 28 ready




We have added a new section to our menu  Video's of our Classes which shows various scenes of our classes over the year....




Welcome back everyone hope you are all as excited about this year as we are. Got some nice new pictures downloaded in our gallery....see you all in class




Our last day before Christmas will be Thursday 23rd with normal lesson times.


We then re-open on Thursday 5 January..




Our last Grading of the year will be held on Tuesday 20 December......make sure you are ready




Here we have our future black belts "The Cougar Cubs" picture




Make sure you are mentally ready for our next Grading as the bar has been set so high from previous Gradings. All the times for your Grading are up in the Dojo please check you come to the right time slot and GOOD LUCK....




We have now added the new Pre-Junior syllabus to our web site and training as well as Gradings start in September




This has to be my favourite post this year as it shows our junior students doing what they do best and that is giving 100%, and well done to our instructors who pride themselves on delivering that personal touch to all our students (how many schools have 4 instructors in every class)..........




It is a sad farewell as one of our most dedicated students Zac leaves us in a few weeks time to start a new journey in his life on the other side of the world in Australia.


Zac has been training with us for 4-5 years and has been a role model to our younger students.....Good luck down under Zac




we have just uploaded 12 more training videos to our video library as we start on the Blue Belt Syllabus. We now have 69 videos in our training library to help you progress in your goals.




Our first Grading of 2016 and as usual so much effort,commitment and confidence was shown by all students, not just in the Grading but in all the lessons leading up to it.

We started and finished with the best performances of the night. It started in the Juniors with Tommy and Evan showing great technique in executing their moves with such maturity hoping to get their first stripe towards their blue belt. It then finished 5 hours later in the Adults with John and David going for their first stripe towards their Blk Belt. This involved performing 30 throws of their choice and then 3 sparring sessions against different opponents. Their throws with locks and finishes was near faultless and the sparring was of the highest quality, a great display from this father and son duo.

Other great performances came from Charlie and Connor , their wrestling at the end got a number of gasps and cheers from the crowd of 40-50 watching.

Also well done to the newbies Grading for the first time, Lily, Janais, Chris and Daniella who all showed such great confidence.

Well done to Lily and Charlie in the yellow belt section who have trained so hard together and do not always get the credit they deserve.

My personal favourite Grading of the night came from our youngest junior student Anya who had the biggest smile on her face the whole time, it looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself and that is what Grading night should be about....great stuff

Overall the standard was high and the effort even higher so well done to you all and thank you to all the Sensei's for ensuring the night ran so smoothly.....VIDEO 1...




WOW,OMG.....last night we had 5 hours of amazing Grading, the standards far exceeded all our expectations with nearly everyone producing there best ever Grading.....I felt so proud watching all the students giving everything they had.

It has been a great year and last night was the icing on the cake.

Special thank you too all the Sensei's Paula Jones, Lauren Wilkin and Olivia for helping raise the standards of the school. VIDEO


To all our students and families have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..





Our last training day will be on Mon 22 Dec and our first day back is Mon 4 Jan.....Have a great Christmas everyone and I hope Santa gets you everything on your Christmas list....Ho Ho Ho




 Our last grading session will be on Tuesday 15 December so make sure you are ready...




It is so great to see our little Cougar Cubs putting so much effort into their lessons as their confidence grows...well done guys. video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4





Dear students just just as a reminder we will be closed this Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday




In August we will be open as usual, the only change will be that we will not be opening on Mondays until Monday 7 September, this is due to students and instructors being on holiday. We will be open on all other days and times.




June's Grading had to be the busiest Grading we have done in a good 5 years so our apologies if your wait was a bit longer than usual.


It was nice to see so many students Grading for the first time(12 students in total), what always impresses me most is their confidence in performing in front of the Sensei's and all the spectators and there was quite a few. Our school is all about building self confidence so it was so pleasing to see these new students try so hard.


In the juniors there were so many great performances especially Joe, Alex, Holly and Johnathan is the purple belt section and well done to Tommy and Evan going for green belt who both put in there best ever Grading. 


In the yellow belt section stand out performances were from Dylan,Lewis and Mantas who all impressed me in the Kumite at the end of their Gradings.


As usual brother and sister acts,Abbya and Zac and  Anais and Jack worked so well together as did brothers Dylan and Nevan who were exceptional.


A few students were slightly nervous before they were called up but once on the mats they overcame their nerves and performed like we knew they could..(you guys know who you were).


Overall in the junior section we had 80 Gradings and I was feeling very smug on the standard of their performances, well done to you all.


Running late the adults were lucky to witness the skills of the juniors and realised the standards they had to perform too. We started with Innes who impressed me with her punching skills on Trevor and then Kara doing a double Grading with an injury was faultless...very very impressive.


John and Hayden put in some strong performances and well done to Joe in his first ever Grading. The last Grading of the night after 5 incredible hours was Zac who had me for a partner. Going for his purple belt Zac performed some amazing sweeping throws on me and his Valley Drop was up there with the best, every throw and technique executed on me was on the button and was definitely my top Grading of the night.


Well done to everyone who Graded, your results and feed back will be ready for you by Thursday and special thanks to Sensei Paula, Sensei Lauren and Trevor for making such a busy Grading session run so smoothly......Until our next one which will be in September..Sensei Rob.




Big welcome to Trevor our latest addition to our team....I'm sure he will be a big hit..Picture




Hi Everyone, our next Grading session is on June 30, the question you should be asking yourself is, are you ready? make sure you train,train and train to perform the best you can, just like some of our adults in these video' 2





Incorperating fun in the class helps motivate our students, here we have some video of our junior students putting together a fight scene for a make believe TV show, look out for some cameo appearances from some of our Sensei' 3...




So proud of everyone that Graded tonight, the hard work,commitment and dedication helped produce some great performances.

Here we have one of our teenagers Olivia performing in one of the last Gradings of the night. video




Dear students, to keep the training or our moves and techniques fresh and making sure they are as realistic and street focused as possible we have re-written our school's syllabus.


We have taken out techniques we feel are not as beneficial as we would like and added some new street orientated moves. We have also added a new belt for weapon training and incorporated  a number of boxing techniques.


You will move over to the new syllabus after your next Grading and all new students will start on it straight away.


At the Cougar Club we are always looking at ways in improving our teaching and this will be a great help in achieving our goals. Junior Syllabus, Adult Syllabus




Don't for get guys the next Grading is on the 28th starting at 5.30 for juniors, 6.30 for advanced students and 7.30 for adults, so make sure you are ready.

video 1 video 2





Want to improve your confidence, become fitter and healthier, do you want to have fun whilst learning one of the most effective Martial Arts for real life self defence. Then come along to our Dojo and have your first 4 lessons free so you can experience what we teach.


Some video's of our adult 7




Please be aware we are closed over the Easter weekend and we are back Thursday 9 April....Have a great Easter and keep an eye on your waist line 




All the instructors felt so proud of the standards achieved at Tuesday nights Grading session, definitely one of the best Gradings in the last 15yrs.

We started with two of our youngest students Sammy and Erica (just 4yrs old) who performed so maturely for their tender years.

We had some great performances from the 30 plus juniors who graded like Jack and Anais in this video. Also special mention to Alfie, Connor, Tilly Abbya, Zac and Daisy who all excelled our expectations on the night.

The confidence from our junior students was amazing, to see how they have progressed over a short period of time is always great for an instructor to see.

Another special mention goes to a new 6yr old student Lilly Grading for her first time and she never put a foot wrong, Lilly is definitely following in her brothers foot steps (Joe).

The adult Grading came next and some of the throws and techniques were outstanding especially from the ladies well done Louise,Charlie and Olivia....the guys weren't that bad either..

Brother and sister act George and Louise who were going for the first stage of their black belt showed a lot of character in the control they used with the various partners they Graded with. Technique, balance and confidence was there in abundance. They also performed a smooth nunchuka kata to conclude their Grading.

Some of the full contact kumite's performed by the juniors and adults were outstanding and I would have happily paid to have watched them.

Only downside for me on the night was when I partnered George to perform the Valley Drop throw.....he did it with so much power that I travelled about 15 feet in to the wall which got an oooh from the spectators and a big grin from Sensei Paula 


Here are a few video's of the night...Video 1..Video 2..Video 3..Video 4..Video 5..Video 6




At the moment our Saturdays classes are now full, we are looking at adding some more lesson times to our programme so not to disappoint, we still have spaces for adults on Monday and Juniors on Thursday and Monday, lastly we still have a few spaces in our newly formed Cougar Cubs class (4-7yr olds). Please contact Rob or Paula for more details. video  video




Bless our little Cougar Cubs attempting to do some board breaking with a strong front




If your are aged between 4 and 16 and would like to come along and have some fun whilst learning an amazing self defence system then come along and have a try check out these 2 videos of one of our classes. Video 1, Video 2





Our Cougar Cubs start at 4 yrs of age and the class is devised to teach the student respect,control,build confidence and most importantly have fun. Check our video of one of the classes




Next grading session will be on Tuesday 24 February....make sure you are ready




A small grading was had on Tuesday but once again the standards were high. In the Juniors I was so happy to see how well Abbya and Zac had progressed since moving up from the excellent performance.
Then we had some first timers in Evan and Tommy who did themselves proud. Still with the juniors Alec and Jacob showed such controlled aggression in their grading and brothers Dante and Nevan were faultless....lovely Kumite Dante who did a boxing bout with myself.
Also a long awaited grading from Connor who has been so great helping lower belts out in our classes put on an excellent display.
In the Adults a double Grading from Charlie and a faultless grading from Mark closed an excellent if a bit quiet Grading night.





Some new pictures from our adult class have now been added to our picture here


Some new pictures of juniors and pre juniors have been added to picture gallery. here




For the third year running to help parents/students we have frozen our prices at the Cougar Jujitsu Club (next review April 2015), Prices start at £26.00 for 5 lessons a month and every class has 3-4 qualified instructors running it, helping and supporting our students reach their goals.

If you fancy giving us a try you get your first 4 lessons completely free to help you decide.

Spaces still available, 




Our training times have changed whilst we are reviewing our classes please click here for the new times. You will all be pleased to know for the third year running we have frozen our prices, next review will be April 2015.




7 more video's have been added to our library showing all the bear hugs in the green belt syllabus.




Our last Grading of the summer and what a sizzler it was, starting with the excellent pre-juniors who all gave 110% and special mention to Zac and Abbya going for their pre-junior Green belt who were both exceptional.


Then came the juniors turn and some of the wrestling Kumite's were amazing. It started with a rumble in the jungle with Alec and Alfie...this bout i'm sure went on for an extra minute as Sensei Paula just didn't want to stop it. Then just as we got our breath's back on came Bruce and Kishen who looked like they hadn't been fed for days as they tore into each other....pure confidence and control,well done boys.


The girls held their own with the highlight coming from Summer and Holly both showing great technique in their wrestling skills with some great locks and holds and brothers Joe and Sammy who only came back from holiday at 4.00 o'clock in the morning produced so much energy in their 3 minute non stop bout as well as producing an excellent Grading


In the teens an outstanding display from Jacob going for his first stripe towards his black belt with 20 straight throws with locks,hold downs and finishes was faultless.


To conclude the Grading in the Adult section John edging towards his brown belt produced his best grading yet.


I don,t know if it was because the sun was shining or holiday fever was in the air but this was our best grading session this year, out of 54 gradings over 90% got a distinction....well done everyone.




On Friday we had 4 students Grading for their black belts (Barry,Lauren,Faye and Josh) after many years of committed and dedicated training. The standards were amazing throughout the 2 hour session keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats.


Each students and to perform between 50-100 throws and techiques with a few advance Kata's thrown in. This was followed by 2 Kumites each, one solely concerntrating on kicks and strikes and the second on strikes, takedowns and floor work.


The energy,focus and determination never once faultered in this 2 hour session and they have all reset the bench mark for all future Black Belt Gradings.....well done to you all.


Also a special thank you to Sensei Paula and Sensei Luke in helping me and the students making this a Grading to remember.





Again standards were high and it was a delight seeing the pre-juniors putting on such a confident show with exceptional performances from Isabel,Cory and Johnathon.


In the juniors Olivia put on a faultless blue belt Grading and after a long wait Maisie at last succeeded in achieving her next step towards brown belt status.


Brother and sister act George and Louise were breath taking in their brown belt grading and their defence to a three man attack was a joy to watch.


Well done to everyone that graded, once again all the Sensei's were impressed at the level you are all achieving




Our next Black belt grading will be on Friday 16 May starting at 6.30pm.......really looking forward to it as the students have put in so much time and energy training for this event.




Are you serious about losing weight, toning up, becoming fitter and having fun....well if you have not attended one of our fitness classes yet then you can't be.


Join Sensei Paula this Saturday at 12.45pm all welcome and start creating that new you.




A quieter grading than normal with 43 attendees proberbly due to excessive chocolate eating over Easter.


Even though the numbers were lower the quality remained the same, starting in the pre-juniors special mention goes to Isabel who at only 5yrs showed such confidence in her grading and put smiles on all the parents faces who were watching.


Our most experienced pre-junior of the night Jack had a very difficult grading with so many Jujitsu moves but thanks to some extra coaching from his mum put on a strong display.


So many high lights in the juniors but special mention to all the yellow belts who had all worked so hard in class and it showed in their gradings.


In the teens Olivia put in a breath taking faultless performance against Sensei Lauren and it will not be long before Olivia is wearing a black belt with the progression she is making.


In the adults a new recruit Charlie who has been with us for just over 6mths is slowly becoming our most prized student, in lessons Charlies dedication and willingness to learn is amazing and in her gradings no matter who she is up against Charlie's confidence and belief in her own abilities is second to none.


Well done to all those who graded and thank you to Sensei Paula and Sensei Lauren helping make the night run so smoothly.





Just a reminder to all our students that grading is next Tues 25 April starting at 4.30pm for our pre-juniors.




I am pleased to say we have now over 50 training video's in our library to help you with your training.




This week we are concerntrating on fitness and there will be circuit training in all our lessons this week. Make sure you come prepared to sweat.




more video's have been added 13/3/ here




7 more video's have been added 7/3/ here




7 more video's have been added 4/3/ here




Well done to all those who came along and attended Sensei Paula Jones fitness class's these past 4 weeks, Paula's martial arts and boxing fitness routines were fantastic calorie burners.

The next 4 weeks sees Sensei Lauren Wilkin take over with her specially formed circuit routines specially designed to burn the fat and tone the muscles.

Classes are on Saturday at 12.45pm and only £5.00 for the session (free to unlimited members). These classes are open to everyone so come along, bring a friend and have some fat burning fun.




Grading on Tuesday night was full of energy,commitment and dedication through a lot of hard work over the last two months.

We had a lot of nervous junior yellow belts grading who i am sure had very little sleep the night before, but all performed well above expectation and shone like little stars.

Well done to all those who came and graded, there were a number of highlights but the the one that stood out was from Tilly and Josie who have recently made the jump from pre-juniors to juniors which takes a lot of confidence...well done girls.

Also special mention to George and Curtis in the teen/adult section their boxing kumite had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Well done everyone as the progression of the students at the Cougar Club keeps improving every month and is a joy for the instructors to observe.




6 more video's have been added 23/2/ here




Grading for this month is on Tuesday 25th at 4.30pm for pre-juniors, 5.30pm for juniors, 6.30pm for juniors on purple belt and above and 7.30pm for Adults. Hope to see you all there if you are unsure if your ready or not please talk to one of the instructors who will let you know. Good luck to everyone.




9 more video's have been added 17/2/ here




4 more video's have been added today 14/2/ here




For all their hard work in their lessons and making such a huge improvement in their gradings the award goes to Bailey and Tyler from our junior section....well done boys keep up the hard work.




Starting this week we are going to slowly build up a video library of all the moves and techniques in the Cougar Club Syllabus.These video's will show the move being performed then explained step by step how to excecute the move. We are going to build the library up belt by belt as a training tool to help you succeed in achieving your goals as you rise up the ranks....Hope this helps




Our first grading of 2014 was very inspirational and has set the bench mark for the rest of the year.


Out of the 69 students that graded 75% scored a distinction and no failures proving that hard work in class and the work put in ouside class really pays off.


There were loads of hi-lights that i could write pages and pages about but the two students that really stood out were Tyler and Bailey from our junior section performing in their second only Grading.


The effort and commitment they have put in during class constantly practising and practising their moves meant they oozed confidence in their grading. From performing their first technique to there 2 minute fight kumite at the end they excelled.....well done boys.




The first month of our fitness school has flown past with near full classes each week.


The first month was ran by Sensei Luke who focused on pure sweat busting cardio and core abs training. Well done for everyone who attended the classes and never gave up, i hope after all the sweat and pain you are starting to see the results.


For the second month Sensei Paula takes over and her classes are guarreenteed to see results. Sensei Paula's routine are based around boxing and martial arts fitness techniques...bring a spare t-shirt with you, you will need it as your 1st t-shirt will be drenched in sweat in no time.


These classes are just £5.00 and open to anyone, Cougar Club students on the Unlimited tariff go free.


So what are you and your new body waiting for? class starts at 12.45pm every Saturday.



Starting on Saturday 4 January we have a new fitness class guarenteed to get you in the best shape of your life. Open to everyone member or non-member and is £5.00 payable on the day.


Start your year right and and see a new confident you for 2014




Starting on January 4th our times on Saturday have changed, pre-juniors is 10.00-10.45am, juniors 10.45-11.45am, teens and adults 11.45-12.45pm and our new fitness class 12.45-1.45pm.



We open up in 2014 on Thursday January 2nd with our pre-juniors class at 5.30pm




A fantastic grading session where all students scored a merit or above, this just proves hard work does pay off.


In the pre-teens we had 4 new students performing in their first ever grading and wow just how good were you all, your confidence, self control and natural talent was there in bucket loads for all the spectators to see. Alex performed his best grading to date and Johnathon (our next Jackie Chan) was brilliant as usual.


In the juniors again we had some new students who totally suprised me especially with their Kata just, how good they were well done Tyler and Bailey.


Alec going for his blue belt put in a faultless display and Billy who partnered him demonstrated his now customery high standards.


In the adults well done to Mark, Karl and Curtis totally amazing display of technique and amazing confidence in the boxing Kumite.


Well done to all that took part yesterday and to all the parents who i hoped enjoyed the show.


Lastly special thanks to the Sensei's on the night Paula, Luke and Faye for making the night run so smoothly.




Another hard pace training session last night i think i must have lost about a stone of weight.... In the pre-juniors we welcome Nicolas to our school, the focus in this class was our chop strikes,balance and knowing our left and right stances (remember your home work guys). In the junior classes we focused on lower belt techniques and throws in Randori form....we also carried that theme into the teen class.

In the adult classes we welcome Phil to the school and thanks to Barry one of our black belt students with his warm up session where i lost most of my we focused on escape from strangles when you have been taken down to the floor with some great reults...well done everyone




As so much has been goinig on over the last few weeks we are moving Septembers Grading session from the last Tuesday in September to the first Tuesday in October which i hope gives everyone more time to prepare.

Remember this week the theme is MMA combat so please bring your body armour mitts and helmets with you next week.

Good luck for the Grading..Sensei Rob Belfield, Sensei Paula Jones, Sensei Lauren Wilkin Sensei Luke Rodrigues and Sensei Faye Harrison.





The classes just keeps getting better and better. A fantastic turnout last night with most classes at full capacity. The energy and commitment on the pads and whilst performing a range of throws,take downs holds and finishes was unbelievable.....we are definately blessed with a great bunch of students. Also great thanks to our instructors Sensei's Paula, Luke and Faye who were all on top form..(Luke and Faye where do you get your energy from).

Well done to the three new junior students who came along last night and who have never done a martial art class before. I thought you all done extremely well and showed so much confidence....well done.

Looking forward to classes on Thursday hope to see most of you their.......quick reminder week after next the theme will be sparring and MMA combat so if you have your own body armour, gloves and helmets please bring them in.




 Glad to see so many students back last week from the holiday season. We hoped you liked our new Dojo and the new training programs we put you through last week, it was great to see so much effort and sweat on everyones faces.

Welcome to the four new students who came along last week who all just seemed to fit in and had a great time.

A big thank you to Mick for drilling all our brackets to the walls for the six new punch bags especially as the walls are 18 inches thick.

This week we once again concerntrate on our syllabus as well as working on our jabs and round house kicks.

Any old students who have been thinking about re-joining why not give a new Dojo a try with your 4 free lessons and your first years membership free (if you also bring a friend they too can have the same fantastic deal).

See you all next week





Dear Students

Starting this week we will no longer be training on Wednesdays, instead we will be doing the same times on Thursdays sorry for any issues this may cause. All other days will remain the same.

Sensei Rob




To all our students, on Monday we train in our new Dojo we are still in the process of buying some fantastic new equipment and doing some cosmetic work so please bear with us over the next few weeks. This will see the Cougar Club start a new chapter in its long history and all the instructors and myself are excited about the future.

I hope to see all of you over the next few weeks as you return off your holidays fresh and ready to train and develop.

Any new budding students out there thinking of having a go remember your first 4 lessons are totally free so what are you waiting for ......tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life!!




To all students just a reminder that during August the Pre-junior class will now start at 5.15pm instead of 4.15pm and the 1st junior class at 5.00pm will now start at 6.00pm. This is due to reduced numbers during the holiday season. Lessons will go back to their normal times in September..Sensei Rob



A reminder to all students that July's grading will be on Tuesday 30th, make sure you are ready and confident....




Dear Students

Hopefully sometime in August we will be moving to our new Dojo....the Annex at Shrewsbury House. A £1000.00 of new equipment including 6 new punch bags have been ordered and we are all really excited about this new era for The Cougar Club Of Jujitsu.


A busy night was had on June 25th as 81 students graded. Thanks to all the instructors that helped make the night run so smoothly.

So many highlights to talk about starting once agin with Ben and Cady two of our 6 yr students whose throws, locks and holds were truly amazing, the quality was equal to 16yr students. Also in the pre-junior section Abbya put in a faultless show, pure confidence and aggression. In her wrestling kumite she was more than equal to her brother Zac who also performed admirably.

In the junior section Sophie and Maisey were going for their brown/white belt, some of the moves they had to perform like the sweeping hip throw which is one of the hardest in Jujitsu was done effortlessly thanks to all the hours of training they had put in over the last two/three months. Then their wrestling kumite was a joy to watch well done girls.

In the teen section also going for their brown/white belt was brother and sister George and Louise. Like the juniors both had been training for months for this belt and the performance they delivered was equal to anything i had seen at there level in my 20 yrs in Martial Arts. We split them up for there kumite, George a big strong lad was paired up with a smaller and much faster opponent Harvey (who did a fantastic display in his blue belt grading) and what a contest as both students played on there strengths admirably and the outcome was a thrilling stalemate.

Louise was paired against Sensei Lauren Wilkin and a vigorous 2 minute bout had non stop action of suspence and drama.

In the adult section there was only one Grading everyone was talking about and that was Barry going for his provisional Black Belt. The speed, technique, creativity and discipline has now re-set the bar for all future adults to follow.

Well done to everyone who graded from the 81 gradings no-one failed or scored just a pass, everyone scored a merit or above truly first class students.....well done to you all.




Just to let everyone know we will be open all throughout July and August and as there is no Gradings in August we will be doing a lot of weapon work during the lessons, mainly Tonfa's ,Nuchuka's and Bo Staff so it should be a lot of fun.




A reminder that the graing in June is on Tuesday 25th, make sure your ready.




Due to half term and the weather the Grading on Tues 28th was a quieter affair than usual but once again we had some fantastic demonstrations of Self Defence techniques.

In the pre juniors again Ben and Johnathon were amazing and so were some of the newer students especially Alfie who showed fantastic self control and confidence.

In the juniors Holly, Alex and Josh looked very comfortable in their grading and Holly looked possessed in her kumite full of energy and courage.

Billy in his kumite faced Sensei Rob and showed no fear against such a fearsome opponent.

In the teens i was was very impressed with Bobby and Curtis who both performed way above expectations

Again the adult class were all near faultless, Nick and Claire in there first grading were confident and performed their moves to a high degree as did Sarah in her first Grading since her injury, Neal and Caroline as always were very professional in executing all their moves.

Karl, Chris and Mick as part of their grading all produced a fine display with the Nunchuka's and special mention to Karl who's Nunchuka kata was one of the best ever seen at the Cougar Club.

But the overall star of the night was one of our new students (one of our mums who has been bringing and watching her children train here for the last two years) Sammie.

Her natural aggression and confidence shone brightly as she graded with one of our male students. Sammie was not phased by her opponent and in the kumite at the end Sammie displayed the performance of the night if not the year as she relentlessly kept attacking and keeping her male opponent on the back foot. Looking at all the male students watching you could tell how glad they were that they were sitting watching than up on the mats with her......Well done Sammie

Next Grading June 25th




The theme this month was to really test our students confidence and that was on the knees wrestling kumite and what a performance from everyone.


We started with the pre-juniors who all gave 110% and and some were as young as 4yrs some of the performances were incredible. Our two senior pre-juniors Ben and Cady put on a fantastic show in their wrestling kumite displaying some fantastic self confidence, even when Ben accidently got kicked in the face he just spat the blood out and carried on...true warriors.


In the juniors new students Channel, Savanna and Ben showed great skill and courage, Sophia and Sulaman were faultless and Kishen and Bruce after years of trying got their first distinctions.


In the adults Sammy in her first ever grading was strong and confident and gave a professional display. Rosie was put through her paces with a wrestling kumite with Sensei Paula and more then held her own.


Overall an excellent grading from everyone displaying very high standards of Martial Arts and showing incredible confidence.


Top grading of the month was a hard decision but i'm pleased to say it goes to Kishen and Bruce...well done boys.




Sorry for the delay in this announcement but student of the month goes to Josh in our teen section. Josh was awarded this for his efforts in helping so many new and lower belt students throughout the month....well done Josh




This award goes to Ellie in our junior section who has shown so much maturity this year and it was reflected in her grading...well done Ellie




April's grading will be on Tuesday 30 April. The theme this month will be on the knees wrestling which we will be practising all month. Remember train hard, have some fun and stay focused.




If you bring a friend to come to our club in March they get their first 4 lessons free. If they then decide to join you get £30.00 for juniors and £40.00 for adults for every student that joins....double money. So nows the time to earn some money for the summer holidays.. We have already paid out £150.00.




March's grading will be on tuesday 26th, the theme for the kumite's is the side kick, jumping side kick and side hook kick. These kicks will be practised through out March's lessons.




A splendid show was put on by everyone and definately entertained the crowd. Some aggressive perfomances in the pre-juniors with three new students grading for the first time. Special mention to Ronnie and Oliver who stood out with confidence.


In the juniors brother and sister act Sophia and Sulaman put on a breath taking display going for their first stripe towards their Brn/Wht belt which earnt them athe prize of top gradings of the night...well done guys.


In the teens section the grading between John and James was technically perfect and the Kumite where you had to show you can deliver a perfect back kick or back hook kick is a fight senario had the crowd on the edge of their feet.


In the adults Mark in his first grading was outstanding and so to was Neil who produced some fantastic back kicks. Star of the adults was Chris for who as one Sensei wrote was brilliant.


A big well done to all those who came on Tuesday for their grading and trying to perform to the best of their abilities.




This award went to Alfie from our junior section who has been so committed in attending as many lessons as he could and giving 110% in every lesson.....well done Alfie.




February's grading is on Tues 26th....make sure you are ready and perform to the best of your ability.




This month goes to Pheo who has worked so hard, has enjoyed his lessons and always has a smile on his face even when doing his press ups....well done Pheo




We are pleased to announce that James from the junior class stole the show with his yellow belt grading. James has improved so much in the past few months thanks to all his effort and hard work....well done




Over the last two weeks we have had 5 mums take up our offer of 4 free lessons and have all given 110%. It's great to see all of them learn new self-defence skills, building their confidence, getting them selves fit and having some fun. One mum quoted "if i knew it was going to be this good i would have joined ages ago".......keep it up ladies and well done..




Grading for February will be on Tues 26 so train hard and really prepare yourself to deliver the best you can.....




Our first grading of 2013 picked up where 2012 left off with some fine performances. The emphesis on this grading's kumite was the side kick in a one on one fighting senario.


In the pre-juniors it is always a treat to see younsters between 4-7yrs in their GI's giving 110% in front of their parents. The star of the show was once again Johnathon who performs more like a 16yr old rather than a 6yr old and does some fantastic press ups in the cardio section.


In the juniors again some very strong performances and i'm sure George was a bit shocked when he found out he was going to do his Kumite against Chief Sensei Rob and his sister Louis was going to do hers against senior Sensei Paula. Both brother and sister held their own and showed some amazing confidence fighting against these two very experienced warriors.


In the adults section nearly all the gradings were faultless from everyone but special mention goes to Karl who's execution of the side kick within a Kumite was sharp, fast and in complete control.


This months overall star performance goes to James one of our junior students in only his second ever grading was absolutly faultless and his kumite was brave, controlled and decisive.....well done James




Check out the Greenwich Times as they have done an article on our club and our blk belt students




Check out our new section of pictures of all our black belts and students of the year in 2012 click here




Thank you to all those who came to our xmas party and had a great time, thank you to every one for all your cards and presents which are all sitting nicely around Paula and my tree (apart from the wine of course which Paula has nearly finished off ......all 16


The highlight of the night was Sensei Lukes rendition of Away in a Manger in the style of swing.....plesae if anyone managed to video it please send me a copy.


During the party we had our award ceremony where certificates and trophies were handed out. They were as follows:




Nominees were Cady,Ben and Holly and the pre-junior student of the year went to.....Holly


Most improved student went to Josie




Nominees were Ellie,Rocco and Jai and the junior student of the year went to....Ellie


Most improved student went to Alfie




Nominees were Sophie,Harvey and George and the teen student of the year went to ..... Harvey


Most improved student went to Cory


The last trophy was for overall student of the year, this student has been totally committed to her goals and has been a model student in her training, but what sets this student apart is the way she takes time out to help new students and making them feel welcome. This student always has a smile on their face and gives 110% in all their lessons and gradings.


The Cougar Club Student of the year went to Sophie Harding from our junior classes.


Congratulations to all our winners and to all our students who have worked so hard this year and to establish The Cougar Club of Jujitsu as one of the top Martial Arts schools in the SE.


Merry Xmas and Peaceful New Year....from Rob, Paula and all the Sensei's




On December 16th the Cougar Club staged it's first ever black belt grading for four of our students Luke,Laura,Faye,and Josh.


The nerves were high as the crowd of spectators grew and we started with Luke and Lauren. It was so great to see two of our longest serving students who are so committed and dedicated to the Cougar Club put on such a fantastic display. On many occassions the crowd were stunned into silence with some of the techniques they performed.


After nearly an our of sweat and blood they finished with a five minute kumite with kick,strikes,takedowns and finishes on the floor which had the crowd cheering with delight and they have now set the standards for all future black belt gradings.


Next came Faye and Josh two of our most popular students going for their provisional black belts, keeping the standards just as high this brother and sister partnership had the crowd on the edge of their seats especially in their five minute kumite mirroring Luke and Laurens.


Overall this was an amazing,emotional and breath taking 2 hours of grading for which all four students thoroughly deserved thier success's well done to you all.





A splendid turn out for our last grading of the year, it all started off with the pre-juniors where 18 students graded and it was so great to see these young students all from 4 -7yrs old put in such a fantastic effort. New students Alex and Jasper were in their first ever grading and did themselves proud. Another pre-junior Alex doing his third ever grading and going for his yellow belt impressed the judges so much much they awarded him the top grading of the night....well done Alex( top out of 82 gradings).


In the juniors once again all the blue and purple belts put on a great show and George going for her brown belt was faultless.

Jai and Hirsh once again performed admirably as did everyone from the junior section distinctions were being handed out like they were going out of fashion.


In the teens section special mentions go to Sophie and Cory who both had their best gradings to date.


In the adults we had a 95% turnout including a few injured students (Mick and Nathan) who all wanted to finish 2012 on a high attended the Gradings no matter what. The standards achieved were by far the best we have seen here at the Cougar Club in our 12yrs of training.... Well done to you all, special mentions to Tony who's grading had us on the edge of our seats it was that scarey, Nathan for his faultless Nunchuka kata and for the wrestling kumite from Rosie and Caroline which was fast,aggressive and committed and as many onlookers said they would quite happily have paid to have seen it ....well done girls.


It has been a fantastic year watching our students mature in confidence and progress towards their black belts, i am so proud of all our students with the skills they have developed, the committment they have shown and the dedication they have demonstrated by training week after week.


Martial Arts is a life skill that helps make you into a better person and achieve all your goals you have in life. If you are unsure if this is true or the claim is over exaggerated just come down to our school and look at our students and you will see all the evidence you need.


Lastly a big thank you to all the parents who week after week bring their children to the classes, stay and watch and take such a pro-active interest in their childs progression. With out you guys the confidence, self discipline, respect and maturity the junior students develop week atfer week would never a big thank you.


From me, Paula, Luke, Lauren, Faye and Chanise we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and  fantastic New Year.





Our christmas party this year will be on December 19th at 5.30pm for our pre-juniors and 6.45pm for our juniors and teens, there will be fun and games with plenty of food and drink. We will also be doing our award ceremony for each age group.


Hope to see you all there....dress code is casual




Just in time for winter and xmas our new hoodies are now in stock, check our our young model Cady wearing his new hoodie (here). Please see Paula to place your order, there are only limited stocks so please hurry.




Then check out our facebook page to see videos of our classes in action.




Check out our face book page for some updated videos from our adult class where our students are practising defences against three man gang attacks




Check out our very own Sensei Faye demonstrating speed, power and balance in this defence against a three man attack video.




Dear students the last grading of 2013 will be on Fri 7 December, this will be your last chance to get that extra stripe or new belt before 2013, so train hard and get yourself ready...Good luck




I am pleased to announce that Johnathon from our pre- juior classes was made student of the month for October. This was because of his passion and commitment to perform to the best of his abilities. Well done Johnathon




We now have a date for our black belt grading, it shall be on Sunday 16 December at 11.30am at Shrewsbury House.


We have Luke and Lauren going for their full black belts and Faye and Josh going for their provisional black belts.


This should be a great occassional as they have all worked so hard and have been waiting a long time for this day to arrive. Please come down and show your support and encouragement to these guys who are all very popular amoung our students and parents.




Once again another strong show from all our students which just demonstrates the effort and hard work they put into their lessons.


A great turn out in the pre-juniors seeing 12 of our students grading, highlights were Holly in her blue belt grading demonstrating some excellent jujitsu moves and once again Johnathon having an excellent grading. Also would like to mention Josie who rarely ever misses a lesson and always has a smile on her face and is a great role model to all the other pre-junior students.


In the juniors all the blue belts were amazing and i sometimes forget these students are only 8-10 yrs old. Bobby and Connor produced their best grading to date going for their green belts.


Well done to some new students who graded for the first time especially brothers Jack and Bobby. Special mention to Jacob who at the age of only eleven excelled in achieving his brown belt.


In the teens section the grading and kumite from Alex and Zac going for their green belts brought gasps and cheers from the spectators.


10 of our adult students graded on this night and again everyone pushed their personnal bars even higher. Special mention goes to Neil and Caroline in their first ever grading and Barry for achieving his first degree toward his black belt.


In the end 71 students graded all achieving a merit of distinction an amazing achievement well done all.


Grading of the night award goes to our teen student Alex who did a double grading and produced a confident,controlled display with full of energy. Excellent stuff Alex.






Grading for October will be on Tuesday 30 so make sure you are ready and prepared and perform to the best of your ability.




Our latest video clip in our hall of fame was this week performed by jujior students Rocco and Sophie, click here so see them in action




To help our students through the recession the Cougar club has decided to freeze all it's lesson prices until October 2013.


We hope this helps save the here to see our full price list




I am pleased to announce that student of the month for September is Cady from our pre-juniors class who performed an amazing Grading session and has worked extremely hard in class. Well done Cady




Check out our video section as more video clips have been added




The quality of the Kumite's in the Gradings last was breath taking. Quite a few i would have paid good money to have seen. The highlight of the night was Faye and Josh who were going for their second degree towards their black belt. The speed and the quality of their throws and takedowns was inspirational.


Then we had Zac and Harvey in the teen section who produced a top notch display, Louise and Becky put in 110% effort for their kumite. George and Cory showed some great locks in theirs unfortunately a slight injury to Cory meant we had to stop it short and Simeon produced his best grading to date.


In the preteens the punches and kicks from Johnathan and Alex would have put some adults to shame and it was Johnathans first ever grading.


In the adults all the students were impressive and special mention again goes to Jo for her speed and movement in her Kumite with Sensei Paula


Lastly i made a cameo performance last night and partnered Jai in his kumite which was a suprise for him and he did himself proud.


In all we had 68 students grade last night and it has been a nightmare who to award the top grading of the night to as it could quite easily have gone to so many. In  the end for the sheer energy, variety of moves and pure skill the award is shared between Faye and Josh....well done. Certificates will be awarded to you guys next week.


Next Grading is on Tuesday 30 November, make sure you are ready and prepared and you have achieved your minimum lesson requirement.




For all their hard work and effort they have shown this month we have awarded Hirsh and Jay students of the month for August. Well done to you both and keep up the hard work.




Glad to see so many students back in training last night with their sun tans after the holiday season, it was a an exhilarating evening with a lot sweat produced.


Would like to say a big thank you to Luke and Faye who ran the school whilst Paula and i was away you both done a fantastic job.


Lastly certificates will be ready for next week for all those who participated in the Tonfa training course.





Only one more week of the tonfa training course left and i have been so impressed with the skills and commitment from the students taking part, from the young juniors up to the teens and adults....well done to you all.


Special thanks to Josh who was my guinea pig last night trying out new locks and holds with the Tonfa and he never moaned or groaned once.




it was really nice to see some new students start last night especially as it was the first week of Tonfa training. I thought all of the 6 new students did amazingly well and a special mention to Jo who achieved a high distinction in her first ever grading and what made it even more special was the fact she has never done any form of martial arts before....well done Jo





Great start to this months Tonfa training with everyone seem to really be enjoying it. I must admit the juniors really put the adults to shame in the way they are performing the 30 move Kata. Part 2 next week....will the aduls up their game or will the juniors just leave them behind.......




Grading took place last night (weds 31st) and we raised the bar even higher with over 90% of the students achieving Distinction.


Feed back will be given next week along with stripes and belts. We were really impressed with all the new students taking part in their first ever Gradings who all achieved distinctions.


So well done to everyone.




Many happy returns to one of our Instructors Lauren Wilkin who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday




Our next grading session will be on July 31st, there will be no gradings in August.




For the month of August we will be holding a 4 week course in the art of Tonfa training. This course is for all the juniors and a certificate will be issued to all students who complete the course.




I would like to say well done to Ben (pre juniors) and Ellie (juniors) for all their help and effort they have put into theirt training this week, well done to the both of you.




You have to laugh on Wednesday's training session for adults we had 14 students practising a new lock which involves snapping an attackers arm and dislocating his shoulder run for cover when training was interrupted by a rather large bee. This doesn't happen in the films on TV training resumed 10 minutes later after the nasty bee flew out the window......may have to add this to our syllabus, defence against big bees!!!!!




This page is really growing as we now have 10 video clips of techniques performed by the instructors to help our students with their syllabus. Our goal is to have over a 100 by xmas.




Training on Wednesday night we did some on the knee wrestling in the teens class. The bout between Zac and John was one of the best we have ever witnessed with Zac performing a shoulder crash scoop to win 2 falls to 1. I hear John is shouting for a this space.





I am pleased to welcome back Sommer from the junior classes who returns back to training after breaking a bone in her foot a few moths ago.




The bad weather and the Jubilee could not prevent a great turn out at this months gradings. A special well done to Barry in the adult section who put on a disciplined display to earn his brown belt and now enters the final hurdle to reaching black.


Harvey in the teen section put on a breathless display and completely earned the top grading of the night.


In the juniors Maisey , Rocco and Sophie did themselves pround and have all earned their blue belts.


In the pre-juniors everyone did fantastic but a special mention to Josie who showed such a vast improvement in her self discipline.


Finally well done to all of the 54 students that graded with over 80% distinctions an excellent effort from everyone.


Next Grading will be on June 26, hope to see many of you then.




Are you a friend of The Cougar Club of Jujitsu on facebook, if not then befriend us now to keep in touch with the very latest news and gossip.




Starting this week we will be down loading a weekly video of different moves and techniques for students to study. These will also be down loaded on to our Facebook page as well.




Last month we paid out over £200.00 to students who introduced a friend or family here is a definate way to earn extra money for the summer holidays




We have re-designed our GI's so that our logo is on the back and the material is thicker,your old GI'S are fine to train in but as replacement ones are bought and new students enlist they will eventually become obsolete.




A quieter grading was had in April due to the Easter Holidays but still their were some memorable bouts to talk about.


All the junior green belts were amazing and the wrestling bout between Rocco and Sophie saw Sophie perform a great hip thrust and headlock to over come her stronger opponent and got a large round of applause from the spectators.


Kishen and Bruce delivered their best grading in nearly three years of training and the wrestling in the adults was great to see.


All in all a very entertaining night and a truly high standard set from all the 48 students that graded....well done.




For every new student you introduce who joins the Cougar Club we will pay you £15 - £20 so bring a friend or 2 and earn some extra cash today




All students should have received a letter outlining the move around of classes on Mondays. This is due to us reaching full capacity in the 5.00pm class, even with 4 instructors taking that class we still thought we needed to reduce the size for us to maintain our promise of the personal touch with our students. The new change around begins on March 5 any issues or concerns please let us know.


The new pricing structure begins on March 1 and this will give the students one extra free lesson every month




It is with great sadness to announce that Robert Clarke the head of World Jujitsu passed away a few weeks ago our thoughts are with his family.




I thought i have seen some good gradings over the years but two of our pre-juniors Holly and Edan stole the shows with non stop fantastic kicks in the drills and their kumite and their jujitsu moves were spot on well done both of you.


Faye and Josh both displayed excellent control in their nunchuka kata and their advance part 1, blocks, punching and blocking kata was spot on.


Two of our adult students Sarah and Rosie came early and performed their grading in front of the juniors and put on a faultless show well done.


Other highlights were Chris and Mick in the adult section and Alex from the juniors going for his Brown/White belt.


Full results will be out next week.








Once again a very high standard of Gradings. In the pre juniors it was great to see the effort Josie and Herbie put in giving it all they got, some of the Kumites by these younsters were outstanding especially from Theo.


In the juniors Rocco stole the show in an impreessive display from all the juniors by performing a take down in his Kumite.


The Kumite of the night was in the teen section from Harvey and James i would have definately paid to have seen that.


Special mention goes to Louise and Holly who month after month always perform a faultless Grading, well done to you both and keep it up.


In the Adults Nathan put in a 100% faultless display to achieve his green belt and well done to all the adults who graded.


Once again well done to everyone who took part your efforts and dedication in class is really paying off.


I am extremely excited about 2012 as there could be a few more new blk belts so stay focused and train hard.






For every new student you introduce who joins the Cougar Club we will pay you £15 - £20 so bring a friend or 2 and earn some extra cash today




The first grading of the year will take place on Tuesday 31 January can all students wishing to Grade please have a chat with one of the instructors to see if you are ready.




Thank you to all the students who came to the Cougar Club Christmas party what a fantastic night i think everyone really enjoyed it. Also thank you to all the instructors for making sure everyone had a great time.


Here are the results from our 2011 award ceremony.


Pre-junior student of the year went to DAISEY


Junior student of the year went to SOPHIE


Teen student of the year went to LOUISE


Overall student of the year award went to MAISEY.


Well done to you all.





On Monday 19 December it will be our end of year celebrations and award ceremonies.


This starts at 4.30pm for all pre juniors, 6.00pm for juniors and 7.15pm for older juniors.


Each session will last for an hour with games , food and drink and an award ceremony. Hope to see you all there.


We close for Christmas on Friday 23 December and return again on Tuesday 3 January


From Rob, Paula and all the team at the Cougar Club we wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.





This was the last Grading night of the year and what a way to bow out of 2011.


Some of the Gradings were fantastic, Luke in the juniors stole the night with a fantastic display of self confidence in his Kumite against an opponent twice his size.


Sophie and Rocco put in some fantastic jujitsu moves...Sophie's hip throws were amazing.


In the pre-juniors Daisy put in a strong performance as did Theo and Ethan.


In the older juniors some great perfomances from Louise and Holly and it was nice to see Jacob pass his first stripe for his brown belt.


Edward in his first ever grading showed no nerves at all and every one in the Adult classes passed with distinctions.


Special praise goes to Sarah and Rosie from the adult classes who performed their first ever grading in front of about 30 kids and did a fantastic job, their Kumite was extremely entertaining.


Well done to everyone that took part you all did yourselves proud.





A mixed bunch of results this month with not as many distinctions given out as usual (everyone probably had their minds on xmas). Of the 82 students that graded only 44 got distinctions.


On the night there were some truly spectacular performances. In the juniors Rocco and Sophie showed just how well they have progressed, their throws and locks were faultless..


Also very pleasing to see was Kishen's and Bruce's grading. They both scored a well deserved merit on the night but the improvement, agression and confidence shown from these two was a marked improvement from previous gradings.


In the teenage section Faye and Josh went for their first degree of their blackbelt  and wow what a performance, some of the moves and throws were of a standard far beyond their years so a big well done.


In the adults Lee performed excellently in his first ever grading and Sabrina and Paula in the first degree of the black belt were absolutley awsome.


So a big well done to everyone who graded....the last grading of 2011 is on Tuesday 29 November so please see one of our instructors to see if you are ready or not.







Last tuesday saw our grading night which had some mixed results. Full report next week




We have now hosted 3 birthday parties with fantastic success, there is nothing nicer than seeing happy smiling children...and parents of course.




Just a reminder the next Grading night is on November 1st starting at 4.15pm. Make sure you are prepared mentally and physically.




The new DVD showing all the moves and techniques is in its last editing stage and should be ready for Christmas.


This 2 hour DVD will help you understand the moves you are practising in class in the comfort of your own home, an invaluable tool to give you that extra boost especially just before Gradings.


There is a limited supply so please place your order now to be in time for Christmas.


The cost for this 2 hour DVD will be £15.00




Our next Grading will take place on Tuesday 01 November, please make sure you have achieved your minimum amount of lessons before Grading




After a lot of requests from parents last week saw the Cougar Club of Jujitsu host its first ever Kids Party...and what a success 22 very happy smiling two very happy parents.

If you fancy something different for your kids birthday party give the Cougar Club a call and we can take all the stress away....Our guarantee is FUN




Once again last week saw another fantastic grading night...74 students graded and 59 achieved a Distinction...well done to everyone.

Special mention goes to Basil in the pre juniors whos Kumite was fantastic.

Maisey,louis and George were out standing in the was Harvey and Becky in their first ever Grading.

Lastly well done to David who has waited ages to pass his purple belt first degree and did so with a distinction.




There will be a letter going round in the next week or two outlining the new rules for Grading regarding how many lessons you must attend as a minimum for each belt level. This is to ensure we continue the very high standards already set by students in the Gradings




The next grading is on September 27 from 4.30pm




Please be aware that the Cougar Club will be open over the school holidays at the usual times





The next grading will be on Tuesday 26 July.


Please also be aware there will be no gradings in August




A huge well done to Luke and Lauren who both became provisional Black Belts last week.


They have both been training for the past four years to achieve the ultimate goal of Black Belt students.


The continual commitment, dedication and hard work these two have put in these last four years has been second to none and because of this the standards they have achieved has been incredible. They have set the bench mark for all our students.


Once again congratulations to you both.


We now have seven students on brown belt and nothing would please the Cougar Club more than to issue you all your Black Belts next year.




What a fantastic night with so many students friends and family turning up to show their support. Please be aware you will be at a Grading usually between 30 - 60 mins as it is not just about performing your own techniques but also watching other students grade at different levels as it helps you monitor your own progession and hopefully inspire you to always question and improve your own performance.


Outstanding gradings of the night were in the pre-juniors Jake and Ben who showed such amazing confidence and presence in front of around 50-60 spectators and well done to all those doing their first ever Grading as you all performed really well.


In the juniors the kumite between James and John was extremely entertaining, Maisey like her brother Ben oozed confidence and all the Orange Belts have shown huge improvements over the last few months.


Also well done to Alex and Jacob as it was probably both of yours best ever grading.


We also had a spectacular display of Jujitsu at it's very best from Lauren and Luke who were grading for their provisional Black Belts.


In the Adults the standards achieved by everyone was at the very highest level and well done to Sean in his very first grading which was near faultless.


Overall 72 students Graded with no failures and over 60 distinctions which just shows the effort and dedication you are commiting to in the lessons are paying off.




Just to let everyone know we have just received a new batch of Cougar Club t-shirts ready for the summer.




The next grading session will be on Tuesday 28 June, me let Rob or Paula no if you wish to grade then




Every Wednesday night at 7.30pm there will be weapon traing for students, this is open to all adults and to juniors blue belt and above.




Tuesday night saw some fantastic gradings at the Cougar Club with some very high standards set especially from the adult students. 


Special praise goes to brother and sister George and Louise who have shown vast improvement this year. Well done to everyone.



Grading session last night produced some fantastic displays especially the three man attacks from the Brown Belts it was spot on. Some good efforts from all those who had their first ever gradings and overall the standard was extremely high so well done everyone.




The next grading session shall be on April 26, please make sure you are ready and confident to grade. Remember if you are a member you can for as little as £2.00 for your second and third lessons.




An excellent turn out last night and some spectacular gradings. All the pre-juniors were incredible, some as young as 4yrs standing up in front of everyone and performing their moves with such confidence was lovely to see.


Special mentions go to Alfie and Jake who showed such an improvement on their self control. Also to Maisey was such a suprise package.


Well done to everyone.




Unfortunately there will be no classes on Thurs 20th, we will still be open for classes on the Mon,Weds and Sat of that week






Unfortunately there will be no classes on Thurs 20th, we will still be open for classes on the Mon,Weds and Sat of that week




The next grading session will be on Tues 25 January




We will be back on January 4th and normal times




Our last day for training will be Mon 20 December (closed due to snow)






This will be held on Thurs 9th December. Everyone can grade unless i have spoken too you.




Our first grading night that included our new students from our newly formed classes.


What a night every pre-junior passed with a distinction the first time ever. Some outstanding displays from everyone the highlights being Alex with a 100% display in his blue belt. Josh who has had so many problems in training performing the Leg Wheel pulled off the best throw of the night.


However the stars of the show were all the new Red belts who put on one of the best displays i have seen in quite a few years.


In conclusion the standards being achieved is of a very high level and shows all the hard work you are putting into lessons is paying off.


Well done too you all Rob/Paula





Our new t-shirts have just come in so please talk too Paula if you need one. Remember when training only club GI's or Club T-shirts may be worn and when grading it must be the club Gi





For the month of November and December all students can train 2/3 times per week for the price of 1, (this does not include the box fit class on a Sat which is £5.00 a session open to anyone including non members). So now is your chance to really perfect your martial art skills.





Due to half term for which we are open the Grading shall be on Thursday 4 November, please remember all gradings regardless of age and belt colour will be £10.00 payable on the day.




Again i am really impressed with the effort alot of you are putting in and it shows on your Grading. Highlights this month were Zac, your best grading yet, Tracey and Nicholas in their first ever grading in the adult section and Zoe who was faultless. The stars of the night were Luke and Lauren with their fantastic Kata on the nunchukas and their advance form. Well done to everyone.





To all students payment day for lessons is Mon 4th and will be on the new structure. This is a four week month.




What a fantastic night of gradings with some fantastic performances, the stars of the show this month were Lauren and Luke with their well rehearsed Nunchuka Kata.


Well done to all those who participated the results will be put up shortly.


New Flash  News Flash  News Flash


To all our existing students for the rest of this month if you wish to have a second or third lesson in a week it will be absolutely free for the month of September. So make sure you take us up on our offer.


New Pricing Structure


Please be reminded the new pricing structure starts on the first monday in October.




Gradings this month will be held on September 28th, all students who feel they are ready may attend.



Dear Parent/Student


Because this Monday is a Bank Holiday there will be no classes, instead all the classes will be held on Tuesday 31st at the normal times.


Stall in Bexleyheath Shopping Centre


From Monday 30 August the Cougar Club of Jujitsu will have a stall in Bexleyheath Shopping Centre for a week.


Come down and say hello, meet our instructors and find out what we are all about and how we can help you boost your confidence.



Club Closed


On Mon 16th of August the club will be closed so there will be no lessons that night.




Breaking news as of September we will now be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to really enhance our training. All are welcome.


Grading Night June 29


It was the turn of the adults to display some excellent demonstrations of

Jujitsu, Barry put in a faultless display in his blue belt grading and some excellent displays from Sam, Peter and Steve in their first ever grading.


In the juniors Alex and Joe put in some fantastic performances going for their junior blue belts and special mention to James who showed excellent speed, balance and control during his grading.


I would also like to mention Jacob who always gives 110% against opponents twice his size, well done.


Starting next month we shall list everyone who graded on the website with their result as requested. We shall also have the student of the month award starting in July.








As some of you may have heard we have been given the green light to go full time starting in September, just finalising some details and then we can announce it officially.


If any of the schools that the students attend are holding any fetes we are more than pleased to come along and hold demonstrations, please give us as much notice as possible.


Can I please remind everyone that lesson subscription is on Mon 5 July and we take either cheques or cash


Over the past few weeks we have moved some students around to balance the classes out and keep all the right age groups together. This has meant we now average 12 students per class, we would like to get this to 15 so once again if you introduce any new students you will receive £15 for a Junior and £20 for an adult


Sensei Rob Belfield and Sensei Paula Jones













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Sensei Lauren performing the stomach throw on Sensei Luke


All throws are performed safely under the watchful eyes of our instructors ensuring none of students ever get hurt.