My sons were very energetic and always getting in trouble at school, but the patient training of the Cougar Club has taught them self control and respect in their every day life that they now channel their energy in a positive way.


Jean : a proud mum





I work for the police force and the skills and techniques I have been shown are so simple and really work on the streets.




I wanted a way to lose some weight and regain my fitness and I must admit these classes really push you to the limit and what is great the instructors are always their encouraging and helping motivate you.


They never get you to do anything you don't want to do and you are never made to feel down if in some lessons you fall behind.


Chanice and Becky


A great school for any child to build there confidence, respect discipline and become a better person. The changes in my 5yr old girl and 14yr old boy has been truly amazing.


Jack and Marie (proud parents)


The classes are so informal and relaxing I felt a part of the school since day one




Only £42 .50 a month and what you are taught and the things you do and achieve are unbelievable i have been to a few Martial Arts Schools and the Cougar Club is way out their on its own, they treat you as an individual not like some schools who charge hundreds of pounds and you feel like your just a number in their business.




I went to one school in Erith and there must have been about thirty of us and 1 teacher in a hall, what i like about this club is that the classes are always small and always 2/3 teachers it felt like a one to one session




Thank you Rob for everything your patience and understanding with April who I know can be very excitable.


Over the eight months she was a pupil at your school has helped her so much blending in to her new school in Ashford. We have tried so hard to find the right school like yours in Ashford but it seems yours may have been a one off. If you could recommend a school in this area that would be great.


Good Luck with the Cougar Club and again thank you